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I am maria; a mover, a witness, truth-teller, soul seeker, and wounded healer.

I inspire women to connect to our femininity and our bodies,

and deepen self-love through self-validation and acceptance,

I support adults to become lovingly responsible for their inner child,

and I create space for kids to process their big feelings, 

and to express their unique creative voice.

As you may see, in my professional life I have two big passions:

Firstly, I am a passionate woman, who fights for authenticity and love in relationships.

I acknowledge the whole spectrum of our being

humans, our light and our shadow, and I believe in the sacredness of nature and our bodies.

I have traveled a long way to resignify, and accept,

my identity as a woman who is multifaceted, highly sensitive, and naturally sensual. In my life journey,

which hasn’t always been easy, as you can read here, Authentic Movement is the practice that helps me

to validate, and honor, the feminine aspects of our existence, such as our embodied intuition and wisdom. Now, I want to accompany you in your journey of self-validation and acceptance. In our time together we will experience the transformational power that exists when we 'listen' with an embodied presence

that is receptive of the numinous.

Secondly, I am a relentless warrior for the emotional wellbeing of our children, whose first and foremost right

is to imagine and to play. I love the curious, authentic, and inhibited nature of children, the ones who live out in the world, and the ones who reside inside our hearts, and I always wonder: What happens to our sparkle as we grow up? No matter the answer, I trust our inherent capacity to be creative and I believe in the power of the expressive arts to heal our (inner) child wounds, and to recover the sparkle of enthusiasm in our lives.

So, alongside my work in Authentic Movement SF, I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

at the Child Therapy Institute, and a member of Therapy4u, a group of Integrative and Somatic Psychotherapists.

In my office in San Francisco, I provide Expressive Arts & Play Therapy for your child and your inner child, under the supervision of Kathy Buys, LMFT.


"To be what we are,

and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life."

Robert  Louis Stevenson



Center for Practice and Training in Authentic movement
Therapy4u / San Francisco
Child Therapy Institute
Member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
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