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Authentic Movement Individual Sessions

Online & In Person


Online Processing sessions:

After a group session or a workshop there is not always enough time to individually process your movement/somatic experience.

In these online sessions that we can have over phone, facetime or skype I can help you process

your movement experience to enhance

your personal growth and healing.


You will gain a better understanding of its meaning, and how it relates to your life history, the moment you are now and what you are looking for.

Cost is $88 for 25 min sessions.

  • To better understand and make meaning

    25 min



In Person Individual Sessions

As an Introductory Session:

Would you like to experience Authentic Movement and join a group but you cannot make it at the Introductory Workshop?

This individual session can help you understand if Authentic Movement is a good fit for you to reconnect with the wisdom of your body and your soul, to heal and enjoy a meaningful life, at the convenience of your schedule.

Cost is $155 for 55min session, and if you decide to join a group afterwards, $55 is discounted from the total of the group cycle.


As a healing process:

Are you struggling with

- low self-esteem

- lack of joy

- blocked creativity

- feelings of meaningless

- your relationship with food

- body-image issues

These individual sessions can help you untie the knots of your struggle and gain a better understanding of the hidden meaning that life difficulties have for your personal journey.

Cost is $155 for 55min session

Consistency and a weekly or biweekly commitment are essential  for the healing process to be effective.

As a complementary to other forms of therapy or personal development:

Are you already in therapy or a personal development process but feeling

stuck or looking for a movement/somatic 


These sessions can help you unblock stuck energy and provide you with invaluable information for your therapy/personal development process.


Bring your theme/struggle/question and together we will listen closely to your body and access your inner wisdom for insights that can help move forward your healing journey and personal growth.

Cost is $222 for 88min session

One long session should be enough to address your question. That is why the cost for a second session if needed is only $155 for 88min.

As a unique experience to explore different depths of your psyche:

You have your own unique way and rhythm to access the wisdom of your inner world and develop an embodied presence. 

These sessions can help you bring light into your shadow and appreciate the hidden gems that make for a plentiful life to gain a feeling of wholeness and integrity.

We can work indoors or outdoors, according to your preference, and at the end of each session you can decide from your heart about the frequency of our meetings.

Cost is $222 for 88min session

Do you have questions? 

I am happy to talk with you on the phone, for a free 15min consultation to answer your questions and see which session is the best fit for you.

Text me or email me to coordinate a convenient time for both.