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Manifest Your dreams: An Intuitive & Practical Guide to Creating Your Vision Board

January 30, 2019

I love making vision boards. It is a process in which I dedicate time to think of my projects and visions for the new year, and a habit that I developed for the past 8 years.


I am used to having a lot of ideas and making my vision board helps me to connect to my true desires, clarify my intentions, and achieve my goals, as it moves my energy towards action. Because, when you only envision, this idea-dream, still pertains in the realm of imagination where everything is possible but not enough to be realized. On the contrary, when you invest your time to create your vision board, this itself is the first action step towards materialization of your dreams.


A vision board or dream board is usually a collage of images, pictures and affirmations. What I enjoy most in making my dream board is that I combine a conscious intention with the spontaneity of the moment. This creative process naturally integrates both hemispheres of the brain: the rational one that knows what it wants and the creative one that may have a feeling, but not as clear, and is open to the possibilities that appear in the moment.



Image: This is the backdrop I created for my last vision board, and turned out to be a collage in itself. 




This is the backdrop I created for my last vision board, and turned out to be a collage in itself. All these years I have experienced in real life the magic of my dreams coming true. That is why I want to share this process with you too. Two months ago I wrote a blog post for describing in detail about the seven steps of this process that is practical and intuitive and that I hope it motivates you into creating your own vision board for this new year.


You can click HERE to go and read the blog at your time!


In any case, thank you for reading.

I wish that the dreams of your soul come true, as you deserve them to be manifested!



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